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Test week is over so it’s time to think of pleasant things and places. This week or rather for the next two weeks lets write about the place or places we like best in Taiwan. It can be a place just around the corner or further away, somewhere in your city or out in the country side or National Park.


Think about it and tell your e-pal about your favorite place and why it is your favorite place.


The students in The U.K. can also tell their e-pals about their favorite place

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  • georgina xx

    hi kelly,
    my favourite place is my shed. its not like tool shed its like an extra room in the garden. it has carpet ,insulation and heaters. we also have a tv with a wii and wii fit a playstation 2 and an xbox 360. i go out there when im bored or angry or upset its a nice place to go because its comfy and private . whats your favourite place??
    have a nice christmas :)
    georgina xx

  • Ethan

    Hi Sam

    I’m Ethan; I will be chatting to you to you from now on as well as Matthew.
    My favourite place is my bedroom because it is a place where only I can go. Have a very happy Christmas.


    PS: I will not be replying for a while because it is Christmas in 2 weeks :D

  • Natasja

    hi edward!
    we were supposed to write about my faveourie place,but i will also tell you about school.
    my favourite pkace is great yarmouth because i think being by the sea is relaxing.
    school: school here starts at 8.45. we finish at 3.30pm. we have 5 subjects a day.
    after school, i normally do homework and play on my phone. we have a school holiday over the next week so i will not be able to contact you unless i do it at home…
    i know you said you don’t really celebrate Christmas but Merry Christmas anyway!
    See you soon, Natasja

  • Miranda

    Hi Melody

    That’s ok if you don’t know them. Hope you did well in your exams. Taboos sound really interesting. As the topic says we can talk about our favourite place. What is your favourite place? I can tell you about mine when you next blog. We only have a week left at school after this week then we come back on the 4th of January 2012, so I may not be able to blog you until after the Christmas holidays.

    Got to go and have a nice Christmas if I don’t speak to you before the holidays.

    Miranda :-)

  • Leah

    Hi Kelly
    I am your talking partner by the way and Jessica and I have been sending you lot’s of messages and you haven’t replyed to one is there a reason for this
    From Leah

  • kerry

    hi Danny,
    I dont really have favourite place because i like to go out and play. Sorry if i dont reply it is because it will be christmas. Do you enjoy christmas?
    Your e-pal Kerry

  • emily

    heyy cindy,
    my favourite place is in my front room because i do lots of fun things in there such as playing with my dogs and on the laptop. i’m sorry if i don’t reply unill january because there’s christmas coming up and we are always busy. do you like christmas??? do you celebrate christmas???
    hope to hear from you soon
    ems :)

  • Rosaline

    Hey Zoe !
    I haven’t been in Taiwan for so long, I came here on May tenth. I don’t really know much but what I like about Taiwan is the beach, the night markets the food and the festivals. I’ve lived in Kenting for a few weeks we were just tourist then about three or four years ago. We were just on a visit at that time. The Kenting beach is one of our favorite places in Taiwan. We always used to wake up early and walk to the beach; we would draw on sand, take pictures. We would also put our feet in the ocean and play with water, collect shells. When the ocean is calm we would swim too .Is sad that now Kenting have jellyfish so is very dangerous to swim in the ocean. After having funs and taking pictures, we would watch the sunset. When it gets dark, beside the beach it gets more crowded. The Kenting night market has a lot of yummy things and cute stuff to buy. Everyone loves shopping in the Kenting night markets. That is what I love the most in Taiwan. I have a lot of best friends and my first language is English. I still like Canada better though well, I’m going back soon.
    Love, Rosaline

  • Danny

    Hi Eleanor, are you busy for Christmas, too. Kerry thank you for post me again.
    My favorite place is a place where I can do anything I like. It is my room. There isn’t a noisy person shouting or bugging me. I can hide inside when my parents drive me crazy. When I’m bored, I can play on my phone, and when I’m sad, I can play guitar . When I want to talk to people, I can call my friends. I always study in my room. I can study more here than other places, because it is quieter than the rest the house. I can allow my parents take away anything from me when I get a bad grade. However, I will never allow them take away my own place.

    When you get back tell me all about your Christmas holiday. We don’t really have Christmas in Taiwan, and we don’t get snow. Is it snowing in England now ?

    Merry Xmas

  • Tim

    Hi, Tom and Aidan
    Did you two write any messages to me? I did not get them. This time I am going to talk about my favorite place in Taiwan. My favorite place in Taiwan is Taipei. I go to Taipei once or twice a year because my father works there. I usually go there on summer or winter vacation. Taipei is a very convenient place. You can go almost everywhere by MRT or bus. There are a lot of fun place in Taipei. There are many department stores, museums and mountains in Taipei. The view on the mountain is very good. You can go to Mao-Kong by a cable car. And there is a lot of good food there. There is a lot of food in Taipei and most of them are delicious. But they are also a little bit oily. Taipei is a nice place, but every place has some problems. Like Taipei is quite noisy. Will you two send me messages next time? Hope you are all right.

  • sam

    Hi Matthew, long time no sees, how you are .my favorite place in Taiwan is a very popular place; it calls KTV that is a place that people can sing at this place. Many people go to this place on weekend. The other place in Taiwan is popular is the concert. The concert in Taiwan is famous in the young people heart. See you next time.

  • Robert

    Hi William,
    I want to introduce my Taiwan, especially eastern Taiwan. Because my favorite place is Taiwan. Taiwan is like my home. In my eyes, it is a small but beautiful and cute island. And, the Portuguese also said” Formosa!” that means” a beautiful island”. In eastern Taiwan, there are all mountains and many rivers. The scenery there is superb and amazing! And, the hot springs there are famous. The air is clear, too. So, my parents and I like to have a hot springs bath there in vacation. How about you? Where is your favorite place? Talk to you next week. Bye~~

  • melody

    “Tainan”is my favorite place in Taiwan, because my grandmother’s old house is there and we go to “Tainan”very often, so I like there very much. It’s is a traditional city. There are a lot of old historical buildings at there. Some of the buildings were built by “Dutch”, like…”Anping Fort, The Chamber of Red Hill, Eternal Golden Castle”
    There are also many delicious food inTainan, like…Shrimp Roll, Bowled Rice Cake, Milkfish Ball, Oyster Roll …, they taste really good. Last week we went to Tainan,
    Just for the “Winter Melon Tea”there, it tastes sweet.
    I like Tainan very much, next when you come to Taiwan, hope you can visit Tainan.
    Merry Christmas:))

  • Tina

    Hi, Daniella and Timi. I live in Kaohsiung, and it is a good place. I can do lots of things in Kaohsiung. Sometimes I go mountain hiking in Ban-Ping Mountain with my family and my friends. We all like the air in the mountains and do exercise there. And I like go shopping in stationer’s because I like to make special pen to spin. My favorite place is my home. I can do a lot of things that I can’t do outside and my family are very good to me. We are a happy family!

  • Harry

    Hi Harry. How are you? I’m fine.
    I want to tell you my favorite place. My favorite place is the park. It is near my house. I can go jogging and playing basketball there in my free time. There is clean and quiet. The people are kind and polite. I can relax and meet a lot of friends there. There is also having a swimming pool. I seldom go swimming there. The park is a good place, but I also like to go to the library. There are a lot of books that I can read there. I like to study there when the exam is coming. It is a nice place to study. I can borrow a lot of books there, but the books are very dirty. How about you? Where is your favorite place? Your friend Harry.

  • Kelly

    Hi Jessica
    I think the best part in my school is there are a goose and three little ducks at the courtyard in my school. There is a little pond for them to live. We always run after the goose, and it always runs and gaggle. But they bite us if we are in front of them. It hurts!! But it is fun! My favorite place in my country is Ban Ping Mountain. Ban Ping Mountain is not very tall, so it just takes me 20 minutes to climb to the top of the mountain. I go there once a week, so I know that mountain very well. I always climb the mountain with my brother and father. We even have a secret place in the mountain! No one knows there. We make a chair with branches and a bed with some dry grass. There is a tree in front of the mouth of the cave, so it is hard to find it. Every time we climb the mountain, we bring some cookies and drinks to our secret cave and have a picnic! I like the little cave very much. How about you? Where is your favorite place in England? Have a nice Christmas! Bye-bye
    Your friend, Kelly

  • Kelly

    Hi Leah
    Sorry, I don’t know the messages are for me. I will read them at home at this weekend. I would like to be your e-pal! Let’s talk about favorite place. My favorite place in my country is Ban Ping Mountain. It just takes 5 minutes to drive there from my home. I know that mountain very well. I always climb the mountain with my brother and father. We even have a secret place in the mountain! No one knows there. It is just like a little cave, but it is safe. We make a chair with branches and a bed with some dry grass. Every time we climb the mountain, we bring some cookies and drinks to our secret cave and have a picnic! I like the little cave very much. How about your favorite place? Have a nice Christmas. Bye-bye
    Your new e-pal, Kelly

  • Kelly

    Hi Georgina
    Wow! It is cool! I want to visit your house and live in that sped for a week! I like it very much!! My favorite place in my country is Ban Ping Mountain. It just takes 5 minutes to drive there from my home. Ban Ping Mountain is not very tall, so it just takes me 20 minutes to climb to the top of the mountain. I go there once a week, so I know that mountain very well. I always climb the mountain with my brother and father. We even have a secret place in the mountain! No one knows there. It is just like a little cave, but it is safe. We make a chair with branches and a bed with some dry grass. But we don’t have TV in it because there is no electricity. So it is hot when it’s sunny in summer. There is a tree in front of the mouth of the cave, so it is hard to find it. Every time we climb the mountain, we bring some cookies and drinks to our secret cave and have a picnic! I like the little cave very much. How is your school? Have a nice Christmas. Bye-bye
    Your e-pal, Kelly

  • cindy

    Hi Ems,
    I don’t know more about the question you asked me,so I can only tell you a little.

    The Western Wall, located in the old city of Jerusalem religious shrine of the Temple Mount, the Jewish second temple remnants of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, is the most important Jewish holy sites. Legend of the Temple of Jerusalem were burnt down, six Angels once sat crying on the temple wall, bonded stones with tears, so wall never fell.

    The church of holy sepulcher,the last five station of “Suffering of road”, is Jesus execution of Hill, to Jesus died several century, dang ancient Rome Constantine Emperor of believes in Christian, its mother Dowager Helena also to Jerusalem pilgrimage, and ordered this Hill built a seat huamei church.

    Hope these can help you.

    My test this time is ok,how about you.?

    By the way,I don’t celebrate Christmas.
    See you soon.


  • cindy

    Hi Erin,
    I believed Santa when I was little because my parents put the gifts on my bed every year, and told me the gifts are from Santa.
    We don’t celebrate Christmas,but we always give our friends and family gifts or cards.
    How do you celebrate Christmas in UK?
    Is it fun???


  • Justin

    Hi Katie,
    I seen we have to write our favorite place. My favorite place is Ilan. It’s a very simple place. Their house builds between fields. The air there is very clean. There is a night market in the city of Ilan. It’s called Luodong night market. Most famous in Ilan is onion. Ilan’s green onion pancake is good to eat and also good for healthy.

  • Edward

    Hello, Natasja.
    I looked at Yarmouth on google. It looks pretty. We have a beach resort town too.
    It’s called Kenting. I can tell you more about it if you want.
    My favorite place is ‘‘Xitou’’. It’s a nature education area in Nantou, it’s in the mountains and nice and cool when it’s hot in Kaohsiung where I live. It’s like a forest so there are many trees. I go there once or twice a year with my family.
    I hope you have a fantastic Christmas holiday and write back to me as soon as you can when you come back.

  • Peter

    My favorite places are Tainan and Taipei.I like Tainan because there have a lot of historical.Foods are good and cheap.There have lots of old building.I like Taipei because there buildings are very cool.I went shopping there before.These are my two favorite places.

  • Hana

    Hi Tilly :)
    This time I want to tell you about my favorite place in Taiwan.I live in Kaohsiung,and Kaohsiung also is my favorite place.I like to go to Dream mall in my free time.
    Dream mall is a big shopping mall.It also has movie theater inside.Sometime it will has some special shows,and I really like them.
    I like to go to night market,too.Because there’s have a lot of food inside,but there also have full of people,so you have to wait for buy things.
    Loveriver is a beautiful place in Kaohsiung.You can walk there and take the boat there with your friend.In the night,there are many different light .They make the night more beantiful.Nice to talk to you next time :).

  • Peter

    My favorite places are Tainan and Taipei. I like Tainan because there foods are big, delicious and cheap. There are lots of old buildings there. There have lots of historical in Tainan.I like Taipei because there’s buildings are very cool. But foods are a little expensive. I went shopping in Taipei before. These are my two favorite places.

  • emily

    heyy cindy,
    thanks for that imformation, it was really helpful.
    my test was alright and i did well! have you got a favourite place??? i talked about mine in my last blog
    hope to hear from you soon
    ems :) :) :)

  • Natasja

    Hey Edward!!!
    Your favourite place sounds really nice!!! It makes me want to go there. Yarmouth is pretty, especially on the beach. We go to this family holiday place calles Haven or Hemsby. I love walking on the beach and throwing stones in the sea for some reason. We also go swimming there. I would like to hear some more about Kenting if that’s ok! I’m talking from home instead of waiting after the holiday’s! See you soon!

  • Katie

    Hi Justin!:) My favourite place is my kitchen because its always so calm and tidy………..But the other favourite place is the beach because its really really calm!!

    From Katie

  • Miranda

    Hi melody,

    Tainan sounds like an interesting place. I still don’t know what my favourite place is but there are lots of places that I like.

    This isn’t going to be a very long blog as I’ve got to go now so hope to hear from you again soon.

    Miranda :-)

  • leah

    Hi Kelly,
    My favioute place is the beach.
    That mountain sounds fun.
    It must be cool considering that no one goes there.
    I have to go now.
    I hope you have a nice christmas.
    Bye Leah

  • emily

    heyy cindy,

    It’s coming up to christmas, so i won’t be able to blog quite as often but we can still chat if you want to.
    hope to hear from you soon

    ems :) :) :)

  • Zoe McLaughlin

    Hi Rosaline

    Why do you hate your family so much ?
    Do you have any brothers or sisters ?

    Im an only child iv always loved being an only child but my parents have recently divorced and im sort of stuck in the middle !!!! sometimes I wish I had someone who is there for me

    what do u look like?

    Why do you move so much ?

    Do you want to ask any questions to me

    Waiting – Zoë –
    p.s my favourite place is my dads house and my den !!!

  • Erin

    Heyy Cindy,

    Its are last week at school and we have been having lots of tests. I’ve already had a maths test i am finding out my score today and i think i did really well. We break up on friday which is tommorow at lunchtime. I celebrate Christmas well nearly the same as you we hand out presents to family and friends but we go to church and sing carcols there. Also sometimes we go to london to see my cousins but we don’t know yet. I will let u know soon. Talk to u soon.

    Bye Erin :-) :-)

  • Danny

    Hi, Eleanor and Kerry. We are going to celebrate Christmas at school this Saturday. Christmas is not really a big festival in Taiwan. However, it is the most important day in our school. We can invite our friends to school. Here will be crowded then.

    Christmas is important to me this year. I invited my classmates from elementary school to come here. We didn’t get in touch for a long time, so now, I am dying to see them.

    What are you doing for Christmas? Do you have Christmas tree? Tell me how about your Christmas when you are back. I wish you both have a great Christmas.

    Your friend

  • Edward

    Hello, Natasja
    Kenting is a famous place in Taiwan. And it’s a National Park. Many people go there in summer to go swimming and snorkel at the beach, and some people go there in spring for music Festival called Spring Scream, and many singers will go there, but there are some people go to sell drugs there. So police will go there to find these drug dealers. The people lives here are all very kind. When it gets dark, there is a mark opening until night. It’s very crowded and noisy. And I also go there for three times.
    You can find more information about it on Google.
    And the Christmas Day is coming, our will hold an activity for it. We hold it every year because we are a catholic school. Everyone will be happy that day.

  • Hana

    Hi, Tilly!
    Sorry that I didn’t post the latter last week, because my computer was broken. Last Saturday we had a Christmas Day of school. It was really fun ! There were many shows .Our class sold special balloons and some small games. My friends’ class sold barbecue, drinks and noodles. They were really delicious, and I also went to the ghost house with my friends, too. I like it very much. On that we were also sad, because my classmate went to study in the USA. We were really sad and we cried. Wish that he can have better score there.
    On Sunday I stayed home and celebrated Christmas by my self, because my parents were too busy. I was tired on Monday, because I went to the cram school for twelve hours, because in fifteen day time, we will have a big test. What did you do in the Christmas? Did you do anything special? Write and let me know.
    Nice to talk to you again.

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